Our Mobile Fleet

Let’s talk about our mobile trucks for a minute; because, honestly, they really are something to talk about.

Carrying over $50,000 of inventory (which just happens to be the highest amount of inventory within the Atlanta industry, by the way), we can make or repair nearly every hose imaginable, large or small, metric or standard, within the walls of any of our fleet of mobile trucks. Our on-site trucks carry a complete line of low pressure, 2-wire, 4-wire, 6-wire and ultra-high pressure 6,000 psi hose, as well as standard and metric fittings, adapters, quick disconnects, flange kits, spring guard, Protec™ hose protector, hydraulic oil and so much more. You can rely on Lumpkin mobile trucks to be prepared to service all major American and foreign brands of equipment.

Back up just a second. Did you see we listed hydraulic oil? We did. You can always count on us to have it stocked on our trucks! Our competitors can’t say that.

Crimp a 2-inch hose? No problem. From rock quarries to injection molding, Lumpkin On-Site Hose Repair can handle the biggest jobs in the business, without having to leave your job site.

We realize the value of time and make great efforts to reduce your downtime and save you money.

When we say on-site, we mean it. At YOUR work site. On YOUR work schedule.

Twenty-four/seven? Yep.

From the time our technicians answer your call for help, to the time you have a resolution is an average of 42 minutes. Whether it’s 2 pm or 2 am. And that’s a fact, Jack!

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