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We could take the easy way out here and explain that our technicians are heavy-equipment trained and we guarantee that they will repair and install your hoses to better than factory specs. But frankly, that’s what “they all” say, and it just simply doesn’t scratch the surface in explaining who we are.

While all of that is important and true (even the guarantee) we’re not the type to take the easy way. Which is perhaps the first step in explaining why our crew dominates the competition.

It’s a little tricky to put in to words, but in a nutshell, we’re simply the men you want showing up on your work site.

Just like we’re the guys you hope drive by when your car breaks down on the side of the road. And the buddy you call when you need help moving. We’re that guy.

We’re military men and fathers. We’re dirt bikes and carburetors. We’re Waylon and Willie with a touch of Metallica for good measure. We love our country, we love our families, we love ice cold beer and backyard barbeques and we love a good day of hard work.

Our crew is all that, backed up with a solid business foundation, remarkable front-end management and the latest in technology, all wrapped up in a firm handshake.

Wil Lumpkin » Owner/President

Wil Lumpkin

Authentic. Driven. Competitive. Purist. Ask anyone who knows Wil Lumpkin to name a few words to describe him and you’re bound to get a couple of those words on their list. Well, on one of their lists. Because to describe Wil from one direction would be overlooking a whole slew of traits that you might not initially see. He’s the epitome of multi-faceted; he’s like his own identical twin. Triplet, maybe. He might look the same, but there are slight differences that you’ll catch on to if you spend enough time around him.

From one angle, he’s a good ol’ Southern boy with a penchant for pickin’ guitars, riding dirt bikes, throwing back a couple ice cold Budweisers, while working in the yard and playing weekend softball games.

From another you might see a UGA graduate who’s now a family man, who dedicates some of his free time to coaching his son’s baseball team.

And then there’s the professional Wil: still the Southern Boy, still the family man, but with a fire in his belly that drives his deep desire for success. Not success at any cost, but success by being the best in the industry while still remaining authentic and letting his moral compass always guide his way through business matters.

Because his dad, Bill, was the founder of Lumpkin Industries doesn’t mean that Wil just slid in to his position as President. After all, there are not many people who have over 20 years of on-the-job training!

When he’s not dedicating his time and talents to the world of hydraulic hoses, he’s a dedicated husband and father to wife, Bonnie and son, William.

Bonnie Lumpkin » Accounting Manager

Bonnie Lumpkin

Having the distinct designation of being the only human with two X chromosomes at Lumpkin Industries, Bonnie’s role among all that testosterone could be a tricky one for some women. But not Bonnie. Just because her boots aren’t steel-toed doesn’t mean they weren’t made for walkin’! And speaking of her attire, how about the dozen hats she wears? If something happens at Lumpkin Industries, there’s a good chance Bonnie played a role in it. She’s the grease (hydraulic fluid, if you will) that keeps things running smoothly around here. The accountant, the insurance specialist, the receptionist, the first person you ask when you need ab.so.lutely anything. She’s our answer girl.

Her 18 years of administrative duties at Tyson Foods put her in a position to almost single-handedly run the front-end operations of Lumpkin Industries. If you’re lucky enough to come in the front door, it’s her fresh-faced, sparkly-eyed, smiling face that will greet you.

When she’s not babysitting a group of grown men at work, she likes to take a particular one of them home with her (you do the math) and they hang out with their son, William, their dogs, Hutch and Sadie and their cat, Spot.

Dave Kundrat » Vice President

Dave Kundrat

We’re pretty sure that the term “Jack of all trades” was first coined after someone spent some time with Dave Kundrat. But his insistence on anonymity and refusal to take credit and be in the spotlight forced them to use “Jack” instead.

There are few as dependable as Dave when it comes to, well, just about anything. From ensuring thorough customer satisfaction, sourcing and buying all our product, fixing absolutely anything that needs fixin’, and playing the role of resident IT guy, Dave is a resource so valuable to our business that we allowed him to marry in to the family! We’re not really sure where he garnered all these talents, but having a military career that included driving M-88 tanks (the same type that pulled down the Saddam Hussein statue) couldn’t have hurt. His mechanical genius, resourcefulness and no fear attitude make him the right hand to our success. At home, he’s the strong right hand to his lovely wife, Nikki, and the shoulders that his young son Cameron rides upon.

Tim Rogers » Division Manager

Tim Rogers

Standing at 6’5”, not only does Tim stand head and shoulder above most in terms of actual height, his technical knowledge of the industry places him just over the top of the rest of us, as well. This expertise makes him invaluable in managing the on-site division of our business.

Affectionately known as our computer geek, Tim was a logical choice when we were looking for a systems engineer. There are few as mellow as big Tim, but don’t let his demeanor fool you; when he’s got a little time on his hands, he likes to build and race cars and isn’t afraid to take one in to the wall at 120 mph!

His pursuits with Lumpkin do not start and end with the business, though; he also married the founder’s only daughter!

Tim and Heather make their home right here in Cumming. Personal Tip: If you’re the masochistic type, spend an evening playing trivia with Tim. You’re sure to get a mental beat down you won’t soon forget!

Ramon Weghorn » Counter Sales

Ramon Weghorn

Each of us has a character in our world that has that “thing” about them that we all wish we had more of. In our world, that character is Ramon. (That’s RAY-mun, for those interested in correct pronunciation)

We couldn’t be prouder to have one of Dawsonville’s finest in our cast of characters. He’s the “Norm!” from Cheers or the modern day Jimmy Fallon. He’s the guy everyone hopes will show up at their party.

With his effortless coolness, his beaming positivity and his trademark beard, Ramon gets the Oscar for the Feel-Good Employee of the Year. Everybody Loves Ramon.

His work ethic rises up to meet those same standards, as well. Think of him as our Manager of Customer Happiness. Our customers have come to know that when you see Ramon behind the counter, you’re in for another great experience with Lumpkin.

“Trustworthy”. “People-person”. “Dedicated”. “Loyal”. That’s all real feedback from those in the Lumpkin inner-circle. When Ramon’s not bringin’ sunshine to Lumpkin Hose Repair, he’s usually out basking in it. A sports enthusiast at heart, you’ll often find him floating down the river, taking part in a softball game or watching his beloved Braves.

Brad Espe » On-Site Hose Tech

Brad Espe

With past experiences that include working on the most technologically advanced aircraft in the world, it’s no surprise that Brad has a love for heavy machines and industrial equipment. Which explains why Lumpkin Industries was a perfect fit from his perspective.

And it’s no surprise that Lumpkin Industries has a love for the United States of America and its military men and women, which explains why we have a love for employees like Brad.

Brad’s US Navy career, specializing in F/A-18 ejection seats, put him on board the USS Nimitz, smack dab in the middle of campaigns against Afghanistan and Operation Iraqi Freedom. That built a foundation within him that thrives on mental and physical challenges and breezes through stressful situations. We like that. And, frankly, so do our customers. Brad has come to provide some seriously fantastic service over the past several years with us. He’s earned our trust time and time again by proving that he’s knowledgeable, efficient and he has a serious eye on the target of customer satisfaction.

Personally, he’s outgoing, confident, engaging and inquisitive, with a warm, friendly demeanor and an intelligent sense of humor. Wait…this is all starting to sound an awful lot like a Match.com profile!

In all seriousness, we’re thrilled to have a man (we didn’t say ladies’ man) like Brad on our team. He’s the father to little Everett and his loyal bulldog, Georgia. He has an avid interest in all-things-Georgia athletics; loves learning about science, history and math; enjoys coaching little league, playing softball and landscaping in his free time; and, on occasion, you just might catch him enjoying a cold beer with a friend. Or a “friend”.

He’s also a great sport when it comes to being the butt of our jokes. Right, Brad? Brad?? Brad??!

Kelsey Worley » On-Site Hose Tech

Kelsey Worley

When we say Lumpkin kicks the competition’s butt, we could also be referring to one of our employees, Kelsey Worley. Getting the award for spending the most time in the gym, Kelsey does more than just work out; he’s our resident Muay Thai/Thai Kickboxer and Tactical Krav Maga combat specialist. No kidding. Pretty serious stuff. Which, perhaps, explains why he’s also the man we count on to provide in-house comedy show recommendations. Balance is the key to life, right?

A Georgia boy from day one, Kelsey left the nest for a decade and participated with Global Sportscar Racing factory teams, as well as two years in off-shore Powerboat Racing. (Adrenaline junkie much??)

We’re thankful he returned back to Dacula, Georgia, and couldn’t be happier to have him on our team here at Lumpkin. When he’s not working his tail off training or laboring for us, he’s an avid outdoorsman and music junkie and is always in search of the next live music or comedy event.

Will Tracy » On-Site Hose Tech

Will Tracy

Every once in a while you come across one of those guys who just exemplifies “solid”. You know the type: he’s the dude you want next to you in the foxhole; the one who’s “been there, done that” (and did it better than most) but never bragged a single word of it to anyone; the same one you can picture showing up with no clothes, not to cause a ruckus, but because he’s given the shirt off his back to someone who needed it more than he did…and he just didn’t stop there.

We were lucky enough to come across this guy when we were looking for hydraulic hose talent. (Of course that’s a real thing!) He instantly wowed us with his tales of criss-crossing the United States on his motorcycle in his early 20’s (solo!), but has since impressed us even more with his exemplary work ethic and infectious positive attitude.

Will Tracy is the newest member of our team, but has already proven himself to be worthy to wear the Lumpkin colors; and he wears them well. He’s willing to chip teeth to get our customers’ jobs done and manages to do it while remaining as cool as the mountain streams in which he fishes.

When he’s not bleeding the black and gold of Lumpkin, he’s sporting the black and red of his beloved Atlanta Falcons. On occasion, he can be found trying to reclaim his teenage years by landing a cool skateboard trick for the neighborhood kiddos, or picking a little guitar while he’s waiting for his latest Belgian ale to finish brewing. He’s the proud husband of his wife, Melissa, and their two children, Seth and Emma.

Hutchinson (Hutch) » Shop Security


Bill Lumpkin » Original Founder, Company Historian & Storyteller

Bill Lumpkin

If you’re anything like us, you’re starting to lose a little faith in the notion of a “true American man” these days. The media (and frankly, our own life experiences) bombards us with disappointing examples of men on the daily. But just when we’re about to hop on our soapbox and go off on a diatribe about the crumbling nature of good-ol’ American masculinity, Bill Lumpkin walks back in our door.

Born in 1943, on a farm in Macon, Georgia, Bill, like many in that generation, built a solid inner-foundation on the principles of hard work and family loyalty. He learned early on the value of a long, hard day’s work, and knew what it took to keep food on the table. At age 13, he sought out his first paying job with a local grocer, and spent his time there doing anything and everything, from cutting meat and stocking shelves to cashiering and just simply keeping customers happy.

As a young man, he quickly learned that discipline reaps rewards, when he saved enough of his lunch money to buy a Cushman scooter. We’re not sure if it was those fancy wheels he took to the Methodist Church Dance in 1958, or his penchant for story-telling, or perhaps his groovy dance moves, but whatever it was, one pretty young lady, Tish, was smitten enough to stick with him from that point on.

By age 16, he’d saved enough money to drive Tish around in style, when he purchased his first car, a $350, 1950 Ford.

At age 17, he began pursuing an Economics Degree at Mercer University, taking on full- and part-time jobs to pay his own way through all four years. He and Tish married at the beginning of his senior year at Mercer and moved in to their first apartment shortly thereafter. They paid a whopping $45 per month in rent. Times have sure changed! Bill then sought out and attained his MBA in Management at Georgia State University before joining the National Guard. The next six years in the military took them from Georgia to Alabama to Maryland, as he continued his service to our country as a Wheeled Vehicle Mechanic.

No stranger to dedicated hard work, Bill proved himself invaluable as an employee in the corporate world, as well. Amoco Oil, Levitz Furnishings and Anchor Coupling were the lucky recipients of his time and talents over a span of 26 years. We won’t brag too much about the long list of prestigious titles and awards he was given over the years, but we think it’s safe to say that International Sales Manager, Senior Vice President and Board of Directors sums up the kind of work ethic this guy has.

But even with all the successes in his professional career, there was still an itch to do more. To be better. To challenge himself at a greater level. So, in 1991, in the spirit of what this country was founded upon, real American entrepreneurship, he and his son, Wil, opened the doors to Lumpkin Industries, Inc.

In partnership with his son, Bill served as President and CEO of Lumpkin Industries for nearly 18 years, building the solid foundation of unmatched quality and workmanship and unparalleled service that our customers have come to know and trust. All because he had a vision to do more, with an industry he was passionate about, in a country where he was given the freedom to pursue his dreams.

Bill retired in 2009, but he’s got that American spirit instilled in him, so it’s tough to keep him away from work. We keep an office open for him so we can still take advantage of what he’s willing to share with us when he’s got the time on his hands. We relish in having him as our steady mentor, our go-to guy for both wise business and personal advice, our company historian & tale-spinner and our modern-day inspiration of a solid human being.

He and Tish have raised three responsible and wonderful adults in Wil, Michael and Heather, all who live locally with their spouses, and are the proud grandparents to William, Caroline and Whitman. They enjoy the simple things in life: quality family time, making and sharing good memories with old and new friends, and sipping a cold cocktail while they gaze out in to the sunset from their North Carolina mountain cabin.

Bill Lumpkin: a true American man.

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