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Proudly Serving Atlanta and North Georgia

We ARE Lumpkin Industries. We didn’t just make up that name; it IS our name. It’s our family name. The same family who has spent generations here in Georgia long before Wilson Lumpkin was elected Governor in 1831, and Lumpkin County was named in his honor. We’re true Georgians starting from the word “peach”. Or perhaps we should say “peanut” to maintain some sense of masculinity.

Not only do we own Lumpkin Industries, we employ family at every level of our business, from leadership roles in sales and operations all the way through to the professionally trained technicians. And when you attach your family name to your business, some pretty remarkable things happen. Your business represents you as a person, and in our case, as men. Our true character is at play in every business decision made. So when we say we are the best in the industry, we have to work like hell to make sure we’re living up to our word. We have both our business reputation and our personal reputation at risk.

Honesty and integrity aren’t just buzz words to us, they’re simply the way we conduct our business.

Lumpkin. It’s more than just our name; it’s the name our customers have come to trust.

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Lumpkin Industries, Inc.
3365 Hutchinson Road
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