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I wanted to write to you and say thank you for some extraordinary service I received yesterday from your technician, Josh.

After a referral from a family friend, John P. Wood, I called and spoke with someone there who took down my info, understood the situation and checked where his technicians were. He called me right back and said he had someone that could be to my site in 30 minutes.

In 20 minutes, Josh showed up at our remote site and immediately got to work. The unit was halfway up a 15-degree grade on a hillside and though it was rotated across the hill for safety, it was still not great spot for a repair. He knew the unit and while reaching the hydraulic hose was difficult, he worked from the front and the back to quickly remove 1-2 parts, had the old hose off and was already cutting the new hose to length. He got the repair done much sooner that I expected, reinforced a potential wear point, checked for leaks and it was perfect.

I cannot say enough about what a fine young man Josh is. Your company is represented well in the field by someone like Josh, who is personable, knowledgeable, efficient, professional and just an all around good person. I enjoyed meeting Josh and while I only have three pieces of equipment in my small company (two skid steers and one dozer), I know that if I have hydraulic issues, I can call Lumpkin anytime to be back up and running fast and at a fair price. I’d hire 10 guys like Josh if I could find them!

Chris Anderson, Grading

The team at Lumpkin did an outstanding job of helping me with a daunting issue. Supplier updated a fuel pump design with different return port size from the original, but they did not update the original fuel line connector to match the new port. With very short notice, the team at Lumkin (Shawn and Brad specifically) came up with a solution and got me out the door in minutes! With so many companies saying "no" and putting customer service on the back burner, this team says "Yes" and "let's see what we can do to make it work"! That is what true customer service and collaboration are all about. Needless to say, the quality of the work was better than the OEM and should get us back up and running on time as a result. I certainly will be looking for reasons to do more business with Lumpkin!

Mark Conant, BudRock Technology, LLC

Great job on services and repairs. I would not call anybody else!

David Staebell, Upright Enterprise

I always call these guys when I have a hose that needs to be repaired. Super fast response, super nice and professional!

Parks Kennerly, Nature Supply Centre, Mabelton, Ga

We’ve been using Lumpkin Hose Repair since we bought Autobrite Carwash in 1998. Their crew has always been extremely helpful and knowledgeable when it comes to fixing our hoses. It’s nice knowing they are just a phone call away on a busy weekend or a rainy day when we are catching up on our pm work. From tunnel hoses to pressure washer hose to chemical hose, they have the best prices around and you can’t beat the service. We recommend Lumpkin Hose Repair to all our colleagues in the carwash business.

Jeff and Lori Kitchens, Owners Autobrite Carwash, Alpharetta, GA

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Hi my name is Bill and I work for Bluegrass materials Cumming. I have been using Lumpkin Industries mobile hose service for years and they have done an excellent job for me at this site and others. And now that they have relocated to Cumming, I enjoy their same excellent counter service as well!

Bill Sutcliffe, Bluegrass Materials, Cumming, Ga.

We've been using Lumpkin Hose and Supply routinely for the past 10 years. Any time one of our hoses fails on our machines, they're here within minutes, and they fix the problem in no time. Their service is second to none, and they are easliy one of the best and most relaiable companies we deal with.

Bobby Callaway Maintenance Manager, Blaze Recycling

We have been doing business with Lumpkin Hose Repair for 18? years. Our business was located in Alpharetta, and with their location on the Alpharetta Roswell border, made it very easy to run down and have a hose made. Will, his Dad, and their staff have always been excellent to work with, and very professional. They always put their customers first. Recently, Lumpkin moved to Cumming Georgia. We started using their mobile units. Again, first class customer service. They understand what a broken hose (down time ) means to a company. Thanks Lumpkin industries.

Clayton Hulen , Owner, Green Brothers Earthworks and Green Brothers Recycling


When looking for a great vendor to provide hydraulic parts and hoses several factors come into play. Lumpkin Industries continually meets the demands of our needs with great customer service and reliability. The prompt service and attention to detail is what sets Lumpkin apart from other companies. I know without a doubt that Lumpkin Industries is key to our success in the field.

Darrell Dinsmore, President and Owner of Darrell Dinsmore Grading, Inc

www.dinsmoregrading.com | www.doubledrolloffservice.com

I have been trading at Lumpkin Hose Repair roughly 12 years. The staff at Lumpkin is knowledgeable, fast and professional. I have problems that often frustrate the mechanics on my jobs; I would call Wil and he took time to help resolve my issues. The ability to deal with the owner of the company gives me confidence I’m dealing with a vendor that cares about personalized service at a fair price. I have no reservations in recommending Lumpkin Hose Repair to anyone that has frequent hydraulic problems.

David Bobo, Owner, Bobo Grinding, Georgia National Trucking., Woodstock, Ga.

In my business it is very important for my equipment to be durable and ready to go. Lumpkin hose has some of the strongest hose I have ever used and anytime I need them they are always ready to help. Their prices are good too which helps me make more money. They are very smart with ideas they give me on how to set up my equipment to run better and last longer. No other place takes the time to make sure I am happy like Lumpkin Hose does. They are great people and really care.

Henry Puerta, Owner, Aqua Force Power Washing, Alpharetta, Ga.


I am the Plant Maintenance Manager for the Tyson Foods plant in Cumming Georgia. We recommend Lumpkin Hose Repair to anyone who has the need for a reliable hose installation and repair service. Owner, Wil Lumpkin, and his staff are very reliable, on time, and willing to work any hours and under hard conditions to get the job complete. We here at Tyson Foods have used the services of Lumpkin Industries for over 15 years. They have worked both large jobs of over 200 plus connections to jobs as small as 1 connection. We have never lost time on any of our production lines due to their work. They truly do Keep You Up & Running.

Stanley Evans, Plant Maintenance Manager, Tyson Food Cumming Georgia: 340 West Maple Street, Cumming Georgia 30040

We have used Lumpkin On-Site Hose Repair for several years now and the work has always been satisfactory. From jobs requiring just two hoses, to jobs requiring fifty plus hoses we have never had an issue with any of the work. All orders have always been received in a timely manner, and Service Crews have been professional and easy to work with.

Steve Berry, BSB Plumbing & Millwright Services, Inc., (706) 219-2244 Phone | (706) 219-2245 Fax

I’ve been knowing the Lumpkin’s for going on 15 years. They are honest and hardworking and have very good prices. I work on a bunch of different equipment from farm tractors to motor graders to skid steers and there are very few hoses they can’t make. Their mobile service is fast and always professional. The guys on the trucks know their stuff and I can always count on them to get the job done. If you need something fixed fast and right the first time I would tell you to call Lumpkin Hose Repair.

Tony Grimes, Grimes Equipment Repair, Cumming, Ga.

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